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Cycloid Fathom Group oversees two divisions: The Gallery and Technical Publishing.

Technical Publishing

Cycloid Fathom Technical Publishing™ supports clients with their technical editorial, design and conference management needs. Programs, after-action reports, brochures, newsletters, journals, book series and website content, will all benefit from our collaboration.

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Since the mid-1980s, a variety of primarily monochrome photographic images have been accumulated as celluloid negatives and more recently in digital formats. Many have appeared in several published volumes. Typical images are displayed here in the photo and the canvas portfolios at the gallery pages of this web site.

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Recent Selected Projects

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IUMRS Survey on the Evolution of Scientific Publishing

The IUMRS Survey on the Evolution of Scientific Publishing ran from October 2018 through August 2019 and covered responses from a variety of publishing roles: Researcher-authors, User-readers, Librarians & Archivists, Editors, Educators, Publishers, Research funders and managers, and Intellectual Property experts.

The European Energy System… 2016

THE EUROPEAN ENERGY SYSTEM MOVING TO A COMPETITIVE LOW‑CARBON ECONOMY A synopsis for European policy makers and concerned citizens. The main object of this booklet is to provide to non‑specialists the necessary information on the current energy situation and its effective management, thus helping the general public understand and participate in the decision making processes related to climate issues, environmental effects and sustainability aspects.

Cultural Heritage…

This 2019 report is a product of the HERACLES EU project produced by the European Materials Research Society. A survey of several historical sites that are deteriorating due to environmental insults.

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